Don’t have a tent or don’t want to buy one and have to store it all year we’ve got you covered just rent it and forget it. Arrive at camp and we will have your tent set-up next to your fire ring for you.

This two-person classic dome-style is perfect for your off-grid camping experience. This tent is "free-standing", which means there are no stakes required to hold it up, and it can be moved around after setup.

This freestanding 2-person tent is a two-wall tent: the tent body, which includes some mesh material on the walls for maximum ventilation, plus a waterproof fly cover that goes over the body for protection against rain and provides more insulation. Easy in/out access by both campers.
Cost for 3-day rental $25

Camp Mattress pad Rental

While others are sleeping on the hard ground you can enjoy a little bit of the comforts at home with one of our mattress pads. Best part we will have it in your tent waiting for you so you don’t have to pack it in or store it all year long.

A key to a good night's rest at camp starts with the right mattress under your sleeping bag. Cushioning and insulation can be major factors in the quality of your rest. Whatever you do, don't try to save money by going without a mattress pad of some sort - it can be more important to your comfort than the sleeping bag.
Cost for 3-day rental $16

Sleeping bag Rental

Why pack your sleeping bag to camp let us have it already in your tent when you arrive. No need to purchase a sleeping bag or store in the garage for mice to nest in all year long.We offer top-quality, lightweight sleeping bags designed to keep you warm all during camp. Everything is cleaned after each rental and it will be cleaner than the linens at most hotels.
Cost for 3-day rental $15

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