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“What if I don't know anybody?.”

Each camper will be assigned a unit of nine other guys, led by an Adventure captain. You’ll make friends in no time. You’ll do everything together: get outfitted, bring food, set up camp, compete, and generally solve problems. You will be good friends with your unit by the time this thing is over.

"What if I’ve never camped before?"

No big deal, this trip is all about adventure and stretching you. It’s designed to challenge you, get you out of your comfort zone and inspire you, whether you’re Bear Grylls, or don’t own a tent (yet), it doesn’t matter.

"Will I have to drink straight out of the creek or pack water?"

We will have a designated trough for the camp...and by trough we mean hydro stations. 

"How old do I need to be to attend MAN-UP ADVENTURE CAMP?"

The minimum age for MAN CAMP is 18. We know age doesn’t mean maturity and some kids just get mature faster, but the law of our state says you're an adult at 18, and MAN-UP ADVENTURE CAMP is an adults only, MEN ONLY adventure.

"How long is it?"

From Friday to Sunday. If you're in, you're in for the whole time.

"What if I have to leave early?"

You’re in it to win it you’re here. The entire event is a shared experience.

"What time do I need to be there on Friday?"

The hike into camp is Friday, arrive by 3pm central standard time. If you arrive early, you'll be directed to a staging area until 3 pm. As long as you are inside the gate by 3:30, you're good. Your entire unit must be present to begin the hike in. Late is never great so communicate that with your unit.

"What if I don't go to church or am not a religious guy?"

Doesn’t matter, You’ll still love it. There will be plenty of other guys there, just like you. MAN-UP ADVENTURE CAMP includes intentional spiritual content, but it’s the kind of stuff you can use Monday through Saturday not just Sundays. We know you’ll still get something out of it. Trust us.

"What is an Adventure Captain?"

Each unit of up to 10 guys is led by a Adventure Captain. This person is responsible for communicating with the unit leading up to camp, coordinating who is bringing what, and leading your unit through the weekend. If you’re in for AC, designate it on your registration. You’ll then be invited to a AC training session after registration closes.

"Will I have to poop in a hole in the woods?"

While that may be the manly thing to do, no, we will have ports-potties available to keep things clean.

"What if there’s an emergency at home while I’m gone?"

This weekend is meant to be a disconnect from the technology that rules our life. We will have a way for your family to reach you (and you them) if there’s a true emergency.By emergency we don’t mean the dog keeps barking, or "I can’t find the remote."

"Can I bring a group from my church or men’s ministry?

Yes, you can register for MAN-UP ADVENTURE CAMP as a group (up to 10 guys per group) and camp together in the same unit. You can designate one of your group members as your ADVENTURE CAPTAIN during registration, or one can be assigned to you.

"Where is the nearest Airport?"

The nearest airports to BASE CAMP are Marion Municipal Airport and Evansville Ind. Regional Airport

Evansville is 82 miles away, Marion is 24. Keep in mind you must arrive at BASE CAMP: between 4 pm and 6:30pm Central Standard Time. You will need to plan your flights accordingly and allow time for travel to BASE CAMP.

"What if it snows or rains?"

If it snows, it will be cold & damp; we will make snow angels. If it rains, we’ll probably get wet.

"What if I sign up, and then cancel at the last minute?"

You will not be refunded after registration. If you cancel, someone else will experience your adventure. (we’ll give your spot to someone on the waiting list.)

"What if I don’t have a sleeping bag, tent, etc?"

Don’t worry! You choose our white glove service under gear rental. We will set your tent up for you, put your mattress pad and sleeping bag in your tent for you before you arrive. Heck we will even tuck you in if you ask real nice. Tuck in service available on a first come basis only.

"Am I too old to attend?"

You are only as old as you feel. If you can get here you will enjoy the experience don’t let all your years of experience keep you from coming. There are whippersnappers here that need some of your wisdom.

"Do I have to be in top physical condition to enjoy the weekend?"

It doesn’t matter if you hang out at the gym or Krispy Kreme you will have a blast . Trust me we have had many couch potatoes come before you and they all survived and said they had the time of their lives.. The big question is what will I eat ? Food of course is more fun than fasting. Seriously Sat at noon our cook team will cook an amazing meal for you. The rest of your meals are a shared experience around the campfire with your unit. Your Adventure Captain will coordinate all the details.



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