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Push your spiritual boundaries, find purpose, move beyond failure, and leave a mark that can't be erased. Man-Up Adventure camp is a three day, off-the-grid, primitive camping experience for men. You don't have to be an experienced camper or an avid outdoorsman. Just a red blooded American male. Man-up is designed to challenge you spiritually, push you mentally, inspire legacy while creating lifelong memories..

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Our goal is to help men of all ages, in all walks of life become the best they can be. Discover your purpose, develop confidence to overcome failure, and begin charting a course to leave a legacy that gives you true fulfillment and satisfaction.
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Man-Up isn't for the wimps and weaklings. It's for men who understand that yesterday ended last night. Just because I fail doesn't mean I'm a failure.


Passion fuels purpose, purpose fuels influence. You need purpose! Having a tribe to push you to find it is key. Don't drift through life without a purpose. 


Everybody says they want a life that outlives them, but talk is cheap. Men need to know the difference between success and significance. Otherwise you may be measuring success with the wrong yardstick. 


Are you ready to man Up? Join us on an adventure that will push your spiritual boundaries, help you find purpose, move beyond failure, and leave a mark that can't be erased. 
  • "Beyond amazing camp, especially to be the first one. The lord moved and ordained it all swiftly and smoothly. An empowerment happened throughout the camp, that EVERY man there needed. To return back home, equipped, changed and empowered. I praise all the hard working men that devoted their time in making this camp happen. This left a fingerprint on so many men's lives."
    Heath J.
  • "Man-Up Adventure Canp was a life changer. I was able to finally get rid of several things that had been keeping me in turmoil. I grew a lot closer to the my friends. Made new friends. Learned quite a bit about myself. I came home with an extraordinary experience that cannot be taken away. Thanks to everyone who made who made it possible. Looking forward to next year."

    Vertice H.
  • "I came here not knowing anyone or what to expect this weekend, but I'm so glad I did! I met so many great people and heard their stories. Stories that will help guide me in my life moving forward. "Iron sharpens iron" and I'm feeling sharper already! Thank you Man-Up Adventure Camp for putting this together and thank you to everyone who shared their story. I've already got my ticket for next year. I'll be practicing my axe throwing in the meantime to defend my title so bring your A game next year."

    Aksel P.

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